Classic Wedge Banded V-Belts  banded belts are made up from Classical or Wedge belts with a strong tie band over them. The bandwidths are available in multiple sizes depending on the application. A&I will cut the belts to meet what ever our customers requirements are.

These belts tend to prevent rollover and reduce vibration tendencies. Such situations are not uncommon on drives with a combination of long belt spans and / or pulsating loads as created by an internal combustion engine or reciprocating pump and compressor. In such cases, belt whip may become so severe that belts interface with each other and turn over in the grooves or even jump out of the grooves. Banded V-belts eliminate such problems. Typical applications for banded belts include: vertical shaft drives, v-flat drives, agricultural drives, conveyor systems, crushers, compressors, generator sets, pumps and more.